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Clinic Services

  • Screening, assessment, diagnosis, evaluation and treatment planning based upon your individual needs
  • Medication assessment and prescription by licensed psychiatrists
  • Psychiatric evaluation
  • Psychological evaluation
  • Individual, group, family and child therapy
  • Behavioral Treatment Services
  • Nursing Home Monitoring Services
  • Specialty Health Assessment
  • Physical Therapy is treatment for muscles that are not working properly due to illness or injury. Usually this treatment is ordered by your family physician but in some cases that therapy will be a part of your mental health treatment
  • Occupational Therapy and Evaluation is treatment to restore or improve muscles or joints. Usually this treatment is ordered by your family physician but in some cases that therapy will be a part of your mental health treatment
  • Speech, Language and Hearing Evaluation and Therapy is treatment to restore or improve voice or hearing. Usually this treatment is ordered by your family physician but in some cases that therapy will be a part of your mental health treatment
  • Other assessments as needed
  • Other services may be available. Please call for more information

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Wellness Library

The Wellness Library, located at The Montcalm Center, provides books, pamphlets, video and audio tapes which contain information about a variety of emotional and physical health topics. These materials are available for loan to any Montcalm County Resident.

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Housing Services

Housing help is for persons with a severe mental illness or developmental disability. Housing help includes adult foster care, supported independent living and living in your own home.

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Psychiatric Hospital Services

Hospital services are planned through The Montcalm Center staff for adults and children. A face to face meeting is necessary to plan for your care. The staff of The Montcalm Center can arrange for state or private hospital services for both adults and children. The Montcalm Center also may approve outpatient partial hospitalization. This therapy program is provided at the hospital while you live at home.

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Support Services

Support services are offered to aid persons with severe mental illnesses and developmental disabilities to continue to live in the community and avoid hospital care. These services include:
  • Case Management to aid persons to find needed medical, social and educational services. This service is for persons with mental illness and developmental disabilities
  • Home-Based Services, designed for families with children who are at high risk for the development of a severe emotional disorders or at risk for out of home placement because of the severity of their disorder
  • Children's Crisis Residential, intended to be an alternative to inpatient care
  • Community Living Training and Supports and Skill Building are to aid persons to live in their own homes with the aid of the community. These services include those services not covered by traditional medical providers or physicians
  • Integrated Employment is to assist persons to get and keep jobs. Supports are provided to persons with mental illness or developmental disability so they may become a part of their community
  • Family Support Services are to aid families with children diagnosed with mental illness or developmental disability. This service helps families stay together and receive services needed in or near their home
  • Respite Care is another service for families with children with mental illness or developmental disabilities and adults with developmental disabilities or dementia. This provides financial assistance to families to pay for care in their own home or out of home care
  • Heartland Clubhouse is for persons with mental illness. This program assists person to learn employment skills, community skills and manage their mental illness. Contact the clubhouse at (616) 712-6556 or your case manager for details
  • Peer Delivered Services - A Peer Support Specialist is an employee of The Montcalm Center for Behavioral Health. The Peer Support Specialist is a person with a disability who has acquired skills to help others learn about life and recovery skills such as how to:
    1. Be a self-advocate
    2. To live more independently
    3. To participate more actively in their community
    With the supervision and at the direction of a Case Manager the Peer Supports Specialist may function instead of the case manager in the delivery of planning, linking and coordination services. The Peer Support Specialist may:
    1. Provide support and encouragement for consumers seeking vocational and employment opportunities
    2. Provide support and assistance for consumers seeking independent housing opportunities
    3. Facilitate the PCP process
    4. Assist with self determination planning
    5. Assist with recovery training and promotion
    6. Assist with access to entitlements and benefits
    7. Help develop wellness or crisis plans
    8. Help with developing mental health advance directives
    9. Provide support during crises
    10. Develop and implement recovery based advocacy or support groups
    You may request this service through your case manager or therapist, or by asking the Peer Support Specialist to participate in your Person Centered Planning Process.

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Customer Services

Our Customer Services representatives can help when you need to know more about a behavioral health subject or substance use disorder issues, want to talk to someone about a specific problem, or have questions about the services we can provide. Contact our Customer Services Department at (989) 831-7520, toll-free at (800) 377-0974, or 711 for hearing impaired. Customer Services representatives are available Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, with after business-hours access available.

Customer Services Handbook:
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